Why Internet Marketing ?

Don Kibby
Don Kibby

Hi! My name is Don Kibby. I graduated with a B.S. degree in Business and have a 40 year career in sales and marketing. After retiring, I became interested in Internet Marketing and found it to be a dynamic force in the way we market and sell products and services… world wide.

I started my sales career in the world of land line telephones and spending long days in cold calling to find a customer. For my import and export business I relied on a computer and telephone to communicate with overseas customers. The time difference alone made that difficult.

I fully appreciate how the development of online marketing techniques would have made growing my business so much easier .

Internet Marketing (IM) helped me to survive the financial hardships we all felt in 2008. And we still find ourselves in difficult times. If you need to find a way to increase your monthly income or are just interested in starting an IM business I know that I can help you achieve that goal.

My experience will provide a fast track for you learning proven IM procedures that can create a monthly income that will relieve your financial worries and/or speedup the development of your business growth.

Accordingly, my blog post will be pointed toward having discussions about the different types of Internet Marketing and giving you more insight as to what is required.

I know you are going to enjoy & profit greatly from the training material that I am providing you.

I also want you to know that this is not going to be just the typical internet experience you are
probably used to having. Unlike many other people online I’m going to keep you abreast of the most current information & techniques that I use and that I feel will really get your internet marketing business up and running and profiting in the quickest ways possible.

I am not going to run and hide now… I am here to help you however I can.

If you want to learn about a given subject just post your needs on my facebook.

To YOUR success!

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Don Kibby