Know,Like and Trust….The Beginning of Your Marketing Knowledge

Training Day #1

BRANDING YOU – What Does That Mean?

The focus of this 5 Day mini e-course is to help you BRAND YOU.

But what does that mean exactly?

No, we don’t want you burning yourself with some hot poker to leave a scar.(You know, like with cattle branding!) When we say you need to BRAND yourself online, it means to develop yourself as a recognizable name as an expert in a particular area. It means to set yourself apart from the rest so that you stand out.

There are names of certain people in this world that most of us recognize, some more than others depending on what circles we usually run in and what our interests are. But many of these names are certainly ones you should recognize and associate with a few specific thoughts.

Bill Gates. Donald Trump. Jack Canfield. What do you think of when you hear these names? Well, for one thing you think of SUCCESS! And then you usually identify them with a particular industry or venue.

Bill Gates is undeniably the king of computers and computer geek expertise. He is the ultimate authority and a multi-millionaire on this topic. Does that mean no one else knows anything about computers? Of course not! There are probably hundreds of people more knowledgeable about many computer topics, but Bill Gates is a recognizable BRAND name in this arena.

With Donald Trump, it’s the same thing with business and real estate adventures. He’s the guru. He’s the man. He’s the millionaire with the expertise, and his success has made him a recognizable BRAND name. And Know he is our President..

And Jack Canfield is to positive thinking and reinforcement like Orville Redenbacher is to popcorn. And that’s another great example of BRAND recognition where a name is a brand!

Orville Redenbacher and popcorn. There are lots of other great examples, too.

Henry Ford and cars.

Milton Hershey and chocolate.

Anne Geddes and baby photography.

Jimmy Dean and sausage.

So how do you get from “YOU” to Multi-Level Marketing or wherever you want to be associated with GURU as an all-time great success story?

Well, that is what this mini e-course is all about. This e-course will teach you how to become a recognized expert with a following of people who want to spend time with you, have some of your good “go jo” rub off on them, and contact YOU to get involved with any opportunities you are associated with. And this is what you want! You don’t want to have to chase after prospects or try to convince anyone they should join your company, your opportunity, or your down-line.

You want qualified prospects to come to YOU, ‘rarin’ to go and ready to take action. Realistically, why would you want to spend your valuable time trying to coerce someone into doing something they don’t want to do? Isn’t it infinitely easier to let people who already want what you’re selling come to you and ask you if they can buy in?

You bet it is! And that’s what you want to do. BRANDING yourself is a step-by-step process you will implement to position YOU as an expert, create name recognition, and bring pre-qualified prospects to you.

In My next post we will discuss how you can become KNOWN! It’s the first step in the KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST approach to branding YOU! You don’t want to miss it!

Make it a Great Day!

Don Kibby

Why Video Marketing is for Everyone

Whether you’re using it for marketing purposes, education or entertainment, video is now the primary medium for communication on the internet, and it’s never been more accessible or easier to produce.

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Solo Ads,Be Ware!

Solo ads can be a great source of traffic, but only when you`ve laid the correct foundation for your business and heavily invested in your education as a marketer.

Solo are NOT to be used as a sole source of traffic and when using them do not expect massive conversions on the front end.

The Nature of a solo ad lead is different to other quality traffic sources. It`s not so much that solo ads are cold traffic, it`s that solo ad leads have been passed around many email lists always opting in for that free thing.

Which is fine, but the fact is that many solo ad providers are not taking the time to build real substantial rapport with their list, and whilst they may opt in for your free offer, it will be harder to convert them into sales.

That Takes time, relationship building, a good email follow up that stands you out from the crowd. So bare this in mind before you chuck your advertising dollar into lot`s of solo ads.

Knowing Your “WHY?”

For any endeavor that a person wants to begin it is important that they know their “WHY”.  While it is vital that  you are  passionate about the goals that you want to accomplish you will never obtain those goals if you do not also have a handle on the WHY” of what you want to accomplish.

Let’s hear what Simon Sinek has to tell us in this video……