Reasons To Build Your Email List

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Although online marketers, are asking, “Why should I build an email list?”. They are using social media. They are doing traditional advertising. These are tools that are used to build your email list; not “instead of” building your email list.

Reasons to build your email list:

Drive Sales

The biggest reason any business of any size should build an email list is to drive sales. Smart business owners are using capture forms to convert web site visitors in to subscribers so they can send out newsletters, updates, special offers, and more. The goal of these newsletters and updates is to build rapport, educate, and drive sales.

Maximize Quick Profits

Imagine your company has just created an amazing offer that you know customers are going to love. If you’ve already built your list of subscribers, you can quickly send out an announcement to your list and see quick sales. This gives you a massive advantage over someone that has to start with an ad campaign because they haven’t already built a targeted email list. It is not uncommon for companies with strong lists to see sales revenue within minutes of sending out their offer.

Build Relationships

One of the big benefits to building a list of focused subscribers is the ability to build a relationship with your prospects. By taking the time to show them how your product or service solves a problem, letting them get to know you, you are building rapport. When your subscribers do decide to purchase, they are much more likely to do business with someone they feel they can trust.

Train Sales Teams

Successful sales managers, affiliate managers, network marketers, and trainers build lists of their team members so they can train, educate, and support those members more efficiently. Need to let your team know about sales incentives? Training opportunities? Important updates? You can quickly send out that information when you’ve built a focused list.

Adapt To Change

From simple changes to industry wide changes, the ability to update your subscribers is critical to your success. We have all seen top leaders announce that they are headed in a new direction. How do they make such a swift transition? They built their list and have built rapport which is why they can quickly communicate with their team.

What about the restaurant that needs to announce a change in their special events calendar? Or the network marketer who need to quickly move in a new direction?

There are certainly more reasons to build your email list but these will cover the biggest and most impactful reasons right from the start.

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