Where I Advertise

Online marketing is and always has been about creating a LIST!

In this section I will list the advertising links and discuss methods that I feel comfortable with in building my online business. I believe in taking the easiest route to getting my blog links and affiliate links seen by the most potential customers. And that means spending money as opposed to free traffic by surfing traffic sites, using forums, or  posting on other people blogs.

Don’t misunderstand me, those are excellent ways to obtain traffic to your website ,be it a squeeze page, sales page, or website blog.

But that  requires the use of a lot of your time to develop your list. And as they say, “Time is Money”. 

I budget a certain amount of money to pay for my leads, and my keeping tract of my campaigns can use my resources where I am getting the best results in terms of getting sales.

Hopefully, by now, you have reached the realization that online marketing will take time and  repetition to create results. And if your “Why” is not strong enough you probably will not reach the goals that you have set . (See my post regarding “Your Why”)